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DIY Orthodontics: Design It Yourself | 9781647240516 | Portada


Panayi, Nearchos

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Datos técnicos

  • ISBN 9781647240516
  • Año Edición 2021
  • Páginas 232
  • Encuadernación Tapa Dura
  • Idioma Inglés


Since its recognition as the first specialty of dentistry, the practice of orthodontics has been influenced by the development of new materials, techniques, bracket designs and prescriptions, appliances, and software. However, never before has there been as revolutionary a change as digitization. Digitization and automation are transforming the entire landscape of how orthodontics is practiced, and the consequence is the “do it yourself” concept. With the technology available today with intraoral scanning, CBCT imaging, and CAD software, we can create the virtual patient and manipulate dental models virtually. Not only does this enable better and more precise treatment planning, but it also facilitates better communication with the patient. Perhaps most exciting is that it permits in-house designing and printing of the majority of orthodontic appliances. This book describes the current digital technology that is used in orthodontics, including volume and surface scanning, 3D printing, CAD software, and artificial intelligence, before delving into a “design it yourself” guide presenting the application of this technology in all aspects of orthodontic treatment. It describes all the necessary technologic ingredients to be used in a self-sufficient digital orthodontic clinic, and it focuses on the in-house design and production of tailor-made appliances by digitally diagnosing and evaluating the virtual patient and then creating an individualized treatment plan. Now you can design your own expanders, retainers, clear aligners, brackets, indirect bonding trays, and even wires with a wire-bending robot. It is incredible what technology has to offer; we just have to have the courage to learn and experiment with it. For the benefit of our patients, the challenge is laid.


1. Introduction
Rafi Romano
3D Technology in Orthodontics
2. CBCT in Orthodontics
Apostolos I. Tsolakis, Christos Angelopoulos, Nearchos C. Panayi, Kostas Tsiklakis
3. Surface Scanning
George Michelinakis
4. Additive Manufacturing
Nearchos C. Panayi, Gkiaouris Ioannis, Spyridonas Efstathiou
5. Orthodontic Office Digital Workflow
Moshe Davidovitch, Nearchos C. Panayi
3D Applications in Orthodontics
6. In-House Custom Appliance Design
Nearchos C. Panayi, Apostolos I. Tsolakis
7. Custom Appliance Design with the Laboratory
Santiago Isaza, Stefano Negrini
8. In-House Customized Orthodontic Brackets: UBrackets Software
Nearchos C. Panayi
9. In-House Customized Lingual Orthodontic Appliances
Chris Riolo
10. In-House Clear Aligners
Nearchos C. Panayi, Mavrikis Manolis, Evangelos Akli
11. In-House Digital Indirect Bonding
Nearchos C. Panayi, Moshe Davidovitch, Riccardo Nucera
12. In-House Orthognathic Surgical Splints
Federico Hernández Alfaro, Adaia Valls Ontañón
The Future of Orthodontics
13. In-House Orthodontic Archwire-Bending Robots
Alfredo Gilbert
14. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Orthodontics
Rosalia Leonardi, Cristina Grippaudo, Silvia Allegrini, Ambrosina Michelotti


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