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The Art of Dental Suturing | 9781786981035 | Portada


A Clinical Guide

c;:ankaya, A. Burak / Demirel, Korkud

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Datos técnicos

  • ISBN 9781786981035
  • Año Edición 2021
  • Páginas 112
  • Encuadernación Tapa Dura
  • Idioma Inglés


Although the field of dental surgery has witnessed significant changes over the past decade, perfect wound closure remains a key aspect for uneventful wound healing. The Art of Dental Suturing is a unique overview of the different aspects of wound closure. Written by two experts in the field, this fully illustrated clinical guide on the management of suturing is intended to impart all the information necessary to achieve successful wound closure.

In line with the current dental literature, and carefully constructed in a concise and simple way, the book is divided into three chapters. The first chapter deals with general characteristics of wound healing and provides information to dental clinicians and surgeons on the basic principles involved. The second chapter presents the instruments and materials required for all the categories of wound closure in every clinical situation. The third chapter is a complete guide to the various wound closure methods and techniques required in dental surgery. It is constructed in a step-by-step manner for clear understanding and is accompanied by carefully designed, large-format illustrations and photographs to impart the essential knowledge needed to facilitate perfect suturing.

We hope that this book will serve as a reference guide for all those in the profession who are tasked with the crucial role of successful wound closure.


Chapter 1: Wound healing

Phases of wound healing
Typical characteristics of oral mucosal wound healing
Wound healing and systemic factors
Drugs and wound healing
Local factors affecting wound healing

Chapter 2: Suture materials and suturing instruments

Suture threads and needles
Physical properties of suture threads
Absorption characteristics of suture threads
Absorbable suture threads
Non-absorbable suture threads
Suture needles
Hand instruments
Tissue adhesives

Chapter 3: Suturing techniques

General principles of suturing
Wound closure sutures
Displacement sutures for approximating wound margins
Sling sutures
View-enhancing (tissue retraction) sutures
Fixation sutures for biomaterials or grafts
Sutures for securing surgical
dressings or packings
Hemostatic sutures
Positioning sutures
Sutures to prevent foreign material from traveling into deep tissue
Abscess drainage sutures


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