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Langley, N. - Tersigni-Tarrant, M.T.

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  • Edición
  • ISBN 9781498736121
  • Año Edición 2017
  • Páginas 446
  • Idioma Inglés


This robust, dynamic, and international field has grown to include interdisciplinary research, continually improving methodology, and globalization of training. Reflecting the diverse nature of the science from experts who have shaped it, ForensicAnthropology: A Comprehensive Introduction Second Edition builds off of the success of the first edition and incorporates standard practices in addition to cutting-edge approaches in a user-friendly format, making it an ideal introductory-level text.


Offers the most up-to-date and complete introductory textbook on the market
Contains 250 full color images to illustrate concepts in the text
Includes, in each chapter, full textbook pedagogy for classroom learning with learning objectives, case examples, key terms, end-of-chapter discussion and essay questions, and additional reading lists
Covers the latest best-practices from subject matter experts in the field
Features a full and extensive compliment of ancillaries for qualified professors for classroom use



About the Editors

About the Contributors


Part 1: Forensic Anthropology and the Crime Scene

Chapter One: Forensic Anthropology in the United States: Past and Present

MariaTeresa A. Tersigni-Tarrant and Natalie R. Langley

Chapter Two: Skeletal Remains as Evidence

Marin A. Pilloud and MariaTeresa A. Tersigni-Tarrant

Chapter Three: Forensic Archaeology: Survey Methods, Scene Documentation, Excavation, and Recovery Methods

Denise To

Chapter Four: Forensic Taphonomy

James Pokines and MariaTeresa A. Tersigni-Tarrant

Part 2: The Skeleton and Skeletal Documentation

Chapter Five: Human Osteology

MariaTeresa A. Tersigni-Tarrant and Natalie R. Langley

Chapter Six: Human Odontology and the Dentition in Forensic Anthropology

Debra Prince Zinni and Kate M. Crowley

Chapter Seven: Skeletal Examination and Documentation

Lee Meadows Jantz

Part 3: Skeletal Individuation and Analyses

Chapter Eight: Sex Estimation of Unknown Human Remains

Gregory E. Berg

Chapter Nine: Ancestry Methods: The Importance, The History And The Practice

Katherine Spradley and Katy E. Weisensee

Chapter Ten: Age Estimation Methods

Natalie R. Langley, Alice F. Gooding, MariaTeresa A. Tersigni-Tarrant

Chapter Eleven: Stature Estimation

Natalie R. Langley

Chapter Twelve: Pathological Conditions as Individuating Traits in a Forensic Context

David Hunt and Kerriann Marden

Chapter Thirteen: Analysis of Skeletal Trauma

Natalie R. Langley

Chapter Fourteen: Introduction to Fordisc 3 and Human Variation – Statistics

Richard L. Jantz and Stephen D. Ousley

Part 4: Human Identification and Advanced Forensic Anthropology Applications

Chapter Fifteen: Time Since Death Estimation and Bone Weathering: The Postmortem Interval

Rebecca J. Wilson-Taylor and Angela M. Dautartas

Chapter Sixteen: Methods of Personal Identification

Angi M. Christensen and Bruce E. Anderson

Chapter Seventeen: Mass Fatalities, Mass Graves and the Forensic Investigation of International Crimes

Pierre Guyomarc’h and Derek Congram

Chapter Eighteen: Advanced Scene Topics: Fire and Commingling

Joanne Bennett Devlin and Nicholas P. Herrmann

Appendix A: Application of Dentition In Forensic Anthropology

Debra Prince Zinni and Kate M. Crowley

Appendix B: Age Estimation in Modern Forensic Anthropology

Bridget F. B. Algee-Hewitt


Editor(s) Bio

Natalie R. Langley, PhD, D-ABFA, is Associate Professor of Anatomy at the LMU-DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine, Program Director of the LMU Master of Anatomical Sciences program, and an adjunct faculty member in the University of Tennessee Anthropology Department.

MariaTeresa A. Tersigni-Tarrant, PhD, D-ABFA, is an Associate Professor of Surgery in the Center for Anatomical Sciences and Education at the Saint Louis University School of Medicine (SLU SOM), where she serves as the Director of GrossAnatomy Laboratory and Morgue Operations and teaches gross anatomy, embryology and histology.


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